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Peggy Filer, Advisor

Busted for Kindness 2014-2015!

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February 29 - March 4, 2016 is Random Acts of Kindness Week, the first week of March Magnanimous

We will be making a chain of kind acts that will hopefully reach the length of the commons by the end of the week.  Also, we will read messages of gratitude to staff members each day on the morning announcements.  Additionally, we will be working with Isaac Harper to promote organ donation awareness.

Random Acts of Kindness Mission Statement

1013-14 RAK Club Photo

Our club originated in 2000 with the objectives:

  • To promote kindness among the school and community

  • To inspire all members to be positive role-models to others

  • To help create unity in the student body of Cedarcrest High School

Member qualifications: Members shall be those with a caring nature, loving personality, and a willingness to help others and go unrewarded.



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