Cedarcrest High School

Busted for Kindness!

Random Acts of Kindness Club

Recently Mr. Thompson busted freshmen Olivia DiAcetis and Jeneveve Janousek-Osborne for kindness. They came in early on a late start day to help sort and put away band uniforms. Thanks for making the band room more organized, Olivia and Jeneveve!


Luna Milinkovich was recently busted for kindness by Ms. Stone, who said they were working on a particularly messy project. Luna finished his work and then got the recycling bin and went around the entire classroom offering it to each classmate. It saved everyone a lot of work. Thanks for being kind, Luna!


Earlier this month sophomore Kiera Bair was BUSTED by Mrs. Adams for bringing cupcakes to her Science 9 class on Freshmen Friday. It part of RAK Week and Kiera decided to make the freshmen feel extra special at CHS. They loved the cupcakes and kindness. Thanks for being kind, Kiera. 3/22/17

Mrs. Filer recently busted senior Alexis Frye for making her a new KIND PEOPLE ROCK sign. Thank you for being creative and kind, Alexis! 3/7/17

Ms. Moore just BUSTED Josh Turnage for helping a lady find her baby blanket at Crossroads Mall when they were on a field trip. Thank you for your kindness, Josh. You rock! 2/23/17

Ms. Stone recently busted freshman Sean Shannon for kindness. He was standing in the lunch line when a girl didn't have enough money in her account so Sean immediately bought her lunch. Research shows that even witnessing a kind act improves the chances of that person also being kind. Thank you for being kind, Sean! 1/24/17

Recently Ms. Moore busted peer tutor senior Dave Boak. When he noticed that someone left their bicycle headlight turned on outside their classroom, he went outside and turned it off.  Dave, like most of the students busted, was a bit embarrassed because he said it was no big deal.  Kind acts are what make CHS great, Dave.  Thank you! 1/4/17

These freshmen were recently BUSTED for kindness because they volunteered to help decorate the Sno-Valley Senior Center in Carnation:  Adam Elbahouty, Olivia Hansen, Hannah Svedberg, Camryn Coppess, Melissa Hunt, Rylie Ringer, and Angelina Bullatt.  Often students only volunteer when they need service hours, but these freshmen did it to help out the seniors and to have fun.


Science teacher Kallie Willson recently busted sophomores Alex Sitzman and Stephen Gillespie for cleaning all her desks because of all the people that have been sick. Thanks for being kind and healthy, Alex and Stephen. 11/16/16

Art teacher, Mrs. Descheemaeker, recently BUSTED sophomore Desmond Weaver for kindness. She said “Desmond often comes in early to take the chairs off the table to put on the floor and it saves me a lot of work. I really appreciate it.” Thanks Desmond for helping out. 11/8/16

Mrs. Blooming recently BUSTED her whole 4th period class for being kind to new freshman, Maddie Dunn. Mrs. Blooming said, “She told me quietly that it was her birthday and one of her table members over heard and started singing happy birthday. Our whole class sang earnestly and sweetly for her and it was AWESOME!” Thanks for the spontaneous kindness, Blooming’s 4th period class. 10/2016

On Monday, October 17, our floral team had the opportunity to volunteer at Random Act of Flowers. A nonprofit organizatin who delivers flower arrangment to lonely and sick people in hospitals and nursing homes who don't get visitors. All flowers are donated, created, and delivered by volunteers.


Madame/Sensei Parks would like to bust Tawna Decker (not pictured) and Connor Mulligan, with Peer Tutors Jamie Dick and Alex Bruno for coming to her room every morning, rain or shine, just to tell her a couple of corny jokes. She said they always make her laugh and that these people brighten up her day. Thanks for making CHS a funnier place, Tawna, Connor, Jamie, and Alex. 10/19/16

The Counseling Office staff would like to BUST Calvin Bilhimer for his kindness. Calvin came in two hours early to help load and distribute the boxes for the Link Crew lesson that day. It saved the staff so much time and they were very appreciative. Thanks, Calvin, for making CHS a better place!


Senior Meredith Burke was recently busted by her teacher, Mr. Thomas. He said Meredith noticed a new student sitting by herself in class and Meredith asked her to join their group. Thanks for being kind, Meredith! 9/2016

Mrs. Blooming recently busted junior Chase Kemper for giving a girl a water bottle when she wasn't feeling well in English class. Thanks for kicking off our school year, Chase!


Usually a staff member “busts” a student for being kind, but this time a student took the initiative.  Junior Emma Barnett’s car stalled at the 3-way stop near Cedarcrest and while many cars were just pulling around her to get to school, Mr. Schenk actually stopped and helped her get it to the side of the road.  Emma said she was so frustrated and then so relieved.  Thanks, Mr. Schenk, for helping Emma.  You rock! 6/2016

Senior Jamie Okazaki was BUSTED for kindness by a very grateful Mrs. Jordan who had lost her wedding ring.  Jamie found it and turned it in immediately.  Mrs. Jordan could not express her gratitude enough.  Thanks, Jamie, for being kind at Cedarcrest!


Mrs. Teachout from Cherry Valley Elementary busted Micah Mutch, Rachel Perry, and Sophia Romanelli for kindness.  These three have volunteered several years at the CVE homework club and “their help makes a big difference in how these CV kiddos view homework.” 


Freshman Zach Cardon was recently busted for kindness by art teacher Ms. Schneider. "Zach is always positive and makes everyone feel welcomed in a classroom." Thanks for your kindness, Zach! 3/2016

Custodian Suzanne Walters would like to bust sophomore Madi Weir for sweeping the gym floor after basketball practice. Our custodians have a huge job and when someone helps out like that, it makes everyone’s life better. Thanks for being kind, Madi!


Zhuhan Liu has been BUSTED by Ms. Schneider. “Zhu helped me clean and organize my room a whole bunch in preparation for the new semester.”  Thank you for making CHS a kinder place, Zhu! 


Mrs. Robertson would like to BUST senior Brittany Tietje for turning in some money she found in the Commons.  Thanks for making Cedarcrest a better place, Brittany! 2/2016

Ms. Schneider would like to bust Lauren Mount. “Lauren is spectacularly friendly and respectful to teacher and students, and really responsible in class”.  Thanks for being awesome, Lauren!  Students like you make Cedarcrest a wonderful place. 1/2016

Alia Hanson has been busted for kindness by Mrs. Filer for helping make the tags for the Bead Buddies fundraiser. Thanks for the extra time and effort, Alia. 1/2016

Meg Knox, Holland Seamons, and Julia Knox were recently busted by Mrs. Frost for helping her count, collect, and deliver personal products to Hopelink in Carnation. 12/2015

Ms. Moore would like to BUST Nicole Hanquet for kindness. "Nicole is so helpful in Room 122 I don't know what we would do without her." Nicole, thanks for being kind at CHS. 10/2015

Mrs. Berquist would like to bust Billy Hinzeman, Nick Barber, Josh Vanhulle and Payton Rux came in during their lunch and grinded and filed some metal letters for her.  AJ Shardelman and Blake Berquist were also busted, but were absent from the photo. 6/2015

Secretary Linda Bjornsen and Sensei Parks would like to bust Juliane Luna, Bronson Moreno, and Ryssa Parks for giving up their precious choir time to help clean up garbage before school.  They also encouraged Linda to go back into school to get her morning jobs done because they had it covered.  Thanks for being kind, Juliane, Bronson, and Ryssa. 5/2015

Custodian Josh Toon would like to bust sophomore Chloe Cairns for kindness.  He went to the outdoor tables after lunch to pick up any garbage and Chloe, while waiting for a ride, had already picked everything up.  It saved him a lot of time and energy.  Thanks for being kind, Chloe! 4/2015

Mrs. Filer would like to bust Cody Banks and Jake Jewell for their kindness. They saw a freshman boy sitting alone at lunch and went to sit with him. Thank you, boys, for making CHS a kinder place.

Cody Banks and Jake Jewell! 4/2015

Mrs. Gerde would like to bust Alex Zarco for kindness.  She had spilled her coffee and when she was cleaning it up, he came over to offer help.  Thanks for your kindness, Alex! 2/2015

Parks Sensei would like to bust her student Robbie Nurse for being kind in her classroom.  A student was having a hard day and Robbie reached out to help.  Robbie, thanks for spreading kindness throughout CHS!


Forest Murphy just got BUSTED by Beverly Boelter in the kitchen at CHS. Someone ahead of him needed some extra money for his lunch and Forest pulled out his wallet and paid for the student's lunch. Thanks for the kindness, Forest! 2/2015

Danielle Tomlinson. Busted by custodian Rod Smith. “ I had my hands full and would have struggled to open the door on my own. Danielle rushed over to the door and went out of her way to hold the door it open for me. This shows strong character for the person she really is”. Thanks for your kindness, Danielle! 2/2015

Busted twice!

Debbie Moore would like to bust Edyk Wilmont. Edyk has been very helpful to us here in room 122 putting our bikes out in the morning.

Tracy Scott would like to bust Edyk. He is a peer tutor in 122 and every time I see him with the kids as they empty recycling, he is  just so kind, helpful and respectful to each of the kiddos. 1/2015

Mary Ward would like to bust sophomore Emma Federico for being kind. Emma saw someone sitting alone at lunch and asked to join him. Thanks for being kind, Emma! 12/17/14

Mrs. Filer would like to bust senior Katie Martinez for helping her deliver 425 pounds of personal products to Hopelink in Carnation. Thanks for your kindness, Katie! 12/16/14

Austin Ward.  Busted by Mrs. Connelly I want to bust Austin Ward for being kind and going out of his way to help me set up the football field last Saturday 10/4 for the Jr.  Redwolves. He even came back when I was picking up trash from the track and offered to help. Thanks Austin for making my day so much brighter. 11/5/14

Leanna Henion.  Busted by Parks Sensei.  “Leanna Henion ISN’T EVEN IN ONE OF MY CLASSES, yet she came in EVERY advisory to fold cranes” for a special student in Japanese class. 11/5/14

Dallin Millard.  Busted by Mrs. Lewis. After the freshman class meeting in the theatre he stayed and cleaned up the whole theatre.”  11/5/14